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"Mike Broemmel is the 21st century's answer to

John Steinbeck at his most nitty-gritty."

-- Neil Marr, Monaco

    Publisher & Editor

15th Anniversary Edition

The Shadow Cast

The Shadow Cast - 15th Anniversary Edition by Mike Broemmel is now available. Visit the Books Page for more information and get your copy today. 

Black History Month 2020

Call Me Mrs. Evers

Special performance of Call Me Mrs. Evers by Mike Broemmel for Black History Month in Salida, Colorado, on February 15, 2020. 

Special Valentine's Day Performance

Stand Still & Look Stupid

The life story of iconic actor and incomparable inventor Hedy Lamarr presented at Vino Salida in Poncha Springs, Colorado, for one night only. 

The White House Up Close

How the White House Really Works

Not a day goes by during which the White House is not in the news. Despite the never-ending notoriety of what arguably is the most powerful address on the planet, most people do not have a clear understanding of how the White House really works. With the political climate the way it is today, the need to understand how the office of the President truly works is vital.


NEA and Colorado Creative Industries Grants Awarded


In 2019, Mike Broemmel received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and Colorado Creative Industries for his exceptional work as a playwright. The focus of these important awards was on Mike's Iconic Women Theatre Series, a set of plays about six women that history has failed to fully or accurately chronicle. These outstanding plays are now being staged around the world.

Stand Still & Look Stupid by Mike Broemmel

Féile an Phobail 2019

Stand Still & Look Stupid: The Life Story of Hedy Lamarr by Mike Broemmel was a featured theatre production at Féile an Phobail 2019 (Festival of the People), the largest arts festival in Ireland.