Bio of Mike Broemmel

Mike Broemmel

Mike Broemmel: Novelist

Mike Broemmel is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed fiction writer whose work includes The Shadow Cast, Vine Dancing, Lauderdale Tales, The Miller Moth, and Stolen Light, and the soon to be released Skid Row

Mike Broemmel: Playwright

Mike Broemmel is a prolific, popular, award-winning, and critically-acclaimed playwright. His work includes Stand Still & Look Stupid, the compelling life story of Hedy Lamarr. Other plays by Mike Broemmel include The Bonfils Girl, The Hours of Anne, Goddess People, The Row, Taking Tea with the Ripper, The Baptism, Six Joan Crawfords, La Primera Mujer, River'd Inn, and Call Me Mrs. Evers.

Mike Broemmel: Speaker

Mike Broemmel is a compelling, engaging speaker, keynoter, and lecturer who addresses topics that include: 

  • Politics, government and current affairs
  • Mental Health
  • The inspirational story of his own life

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The Life of Mike Broemmel

Born in Denver, Colorado, Mike Broemmel spent the early months of his life in the Infant of Prague Orphanage. He was adopted into a loving family by Frank and Thelma Broemmel.

Memoirs of Mike Broemmel

Mike Broemmel  chronicles the amazing journey of his life, including the myriad of tremendous highs and stunning lows, in a memoir slated for release in 2019. He takes us places many people only imagine going in their wildest dreams … and worst nightmares. The book is being written under the working title A Little Unwell