Playwright, Novelist, Speaker

Playwright, Novelist, Speaker

Playwright, Novelist, SpeakerPlaywright, Novelist, SpeakerPlaywright, Novelist, Speaker

Plays by Mike Broemmel

Stand Still & Look Stupid


In Stand Still & Look  Stupid Mike Broemmel tells the incomparable life story of Hedy Lamarr. Known during the Golden Age of Hollywood as "the most beautiful girl in the world," Hedy Lamarr is also the inventor that made the Digital Age possible. The play stars Emily Ebertz in the title role. 

The Bonfils Girl


The Bonfils Girl by Mike  Broemmel chronicles the amazing life of Helen Bonfils -- the first woman to serve as the publisher of a major daily newspaper, a dominate force  in Broadway theatre, and much more. The play stars Cathy Washburn in the title role. 

The Row


The award-winning The Row was the first play by  Mike Broemmel to hit the stage. The play presents that final hours of death row inmate Hardy Dodge in 1950s Kansas. Throughout that last day, Dodge encounters specters from his past -- ghosts, delusions, or dreams … the audience must decide.

Goddess People


Award-winning Goddess People by Mike Broemmel is a drama staged in real time. The play follows the lives of a group of people facing the possibility of their own demise. Mike explained the horrific death of journalist James Foley at the hands of ISIS inspired him to write this play. 

Call Me Mrs. Evers


One of the newest plays from Mike Broemmel, Call Me Mrs. Evers presents the life story of civil rights leader Myrlie Ever, the widow of Medgar Evers. Following the assassination of her husband in 1963, Myrlie took up the civil rights mantel in her own right. The play stars LaDios Muhammad in the title role. 

The Baptism


Based on the controversial 2005 short story by Mike Broemmel, The Baptism tells the story of a town run amuck with religious zealotry. The award-winning play as something of a Twilight Zone feel about it. Mike notes the short story and the play were inspired by The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. 

The Hours of Anne


The Hours of Anne by Mike Broemmel chronicles the final day in the life of Anne Boleyn, the time leading up to her beheading in the Tower of London. The play sets the record straight on numerous factual inaccuracies about Henry VIII's second wife that have persisted for hundreds of years. The play stars Sarah Woodyard as England's ill-fated queen. 

La Primera Mujer


La  Primera Mujer by Mike Broemmel presents the true life story of Eva Peron, the former First Lady of Argentina better known as Evita. For two decades, the operetta Evita has warped the life story of Eva Peron beyond recognition. The play is slated to begin a new run in 2019. 

The Lady of Ludlow


The Lady of Ludlow by Mike Broemmel tells the poignant story of the brutal Ludlow Massacre from the vantage point of the wife of the Governor who ordered troops to take on striking miners. The play closely examines the societal structures that existed in the United States in early 20th century -- structures which arguably exist today.

Alphonse Gabriel: Reimagining the Life of Al Capone


Alphonse Gabriel: Reimagining the Life of Al Capone by Mike Broemmel takes on the backstory of infamous mobster Al Capone. As a playwright, Mike Broemmel has taken on the complicated lives of numerous historical figures. He does so again with this unique take on the life of a man who remains America's most famous crime boss. 

River'd Inn


One of the newer plays from Mike Broemmel, River'd Inn is a sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, and ultimately surprising expose on the relationship between two disparate women trapped in a quaint bed and breakfast in the Shenandoah Valley. River'd Inn was featured at the 2018 Colorado Theatre Festival. 

Six Joan Crawfords


A raucous comedy by Mike Broemmel, Six Joan Crawfords is a satirical take on film, television, and theatre. The play lampoons talentless actors that oftentimes populate productions, Broemmel drawing on his own dismal experience in working with a half-dozen divas devoid of ability in a dreadful production of Steel Magnolias

Taking Tea with the Ripper


Taking Tea with the Ripper by Mike Broemmel is described as "a disturbing look into the mind of London's most infamous serial killer." After four years in production in the United Stats, Ripper moves to London in 2019

Untitled Play About Leonard Pickard


William Leonard Pickard was alleged to have been on the brink of manufacturing the largest amount of LSD in history -- from a decommissioned nuclear missile silo in rural Kansas. In this yet-to-be-titled play, Mike Broemmel will bring the sometimes comedic, sometimes tragic, but always compelling story of Pickard to the stage. 

The Wind is Us: The Death that Killed Capote


After a decade of painstaking research, award-winning playwright Mike Broemmel's latest work, The Wind is Us: The Death that Killed Capote, provides a thought-provoking look at how and why the life of iconic author Truman Capote collapsed, resulting in his tragic, premature death from alcoholism.

Der Frauline


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Escort Me


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