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Mike Broemmel. Speaker.

In addition to being an award-winning, critically-acclaimed, and popular playwright and author, Mike Broemmel is a captivating speaker. He is available for keynotes, lectures, and presentations at conventions, conferences, and other gathers. 2020 bookings are now being scheduled.

Keynotes, Lectures, and Presentations by Mike Broemmel


The Inspirational Life Story of Mike Broemmel

In his plays and novels, Mike Broemmel tells the tales of characters that are living through incredible moments. The stark reality is that Mike Broemmel's own life has been a dramatic ride, including incomparable highs and desperate lows. In the end, the life story of Mike Broemmel truly is one of triumphing against all odds. 

The Art of Crisis Communications

Mike Broemmel has an extensive background in media and press relations, beginning his career in the White House Office of Communications. Mike provides keen insights and strategies for businesses, professionals, and organizations in the development of effective crisis communications strategies.

The Life Story of Actor & Inventor Hedy Lamarr

Author the critically-acclaimed, award-winning, and internationally-produced play about the life story of Hedy Lamarr, Mike Broemmel is a premier authority on the life and times of this incomparable inventor and actor. 

The White House During the Early Days of AIDS Pandemic

Inside the Reagan White House during the early days of the AIDS pandemic, Mike Broemmel tells the real story of what went on behind the scenes when this catastrophic health crisis was first recognized. 

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